Green Submissions Change Log

01/20/15 - Patched an encoding problem that made some attachments unreadable on Iphones.
01/21/15 - Changed server permissions on attachments, making them null serverside.
02/02/15 - Fixed a problem with the bio function, which caused an error to be displayed when users entered odd punctuation.
02/12/15 - Patched a vulnerability, which allowed users to manipulate the URL in the browser.
02/12/15 - Added session strengthening.
02/12/15 - Forced SSL sessions for all users, which protects users against eavesdropping on public connections.
06/19/15 - Fixed error that prevented larger files from being uploaded as attachments, resulting in blank submissions from the publisher control panel.
06/19/15 - Added clarification text to control panel to assist visitors with submissions.
06/22/15 - Changed some confusing text in the submission area. Replaced "poetry" with "submissions" as many submissions are not poems.
06/22/15 - Changed the submission menu links to clickable buttons. Several users noted that the links were not obvious enough. They should be obvious now.
06/25/15 - Added IP checking for editors with geolocation to help prevent system abuse.
03/09/2016 - Due to many requests, we have removed the "Edit" tool.
03/09/2016 - Removed Ajax preview mode for submission form to prevent abuse.
03/09/2016 - Reset width of publisher pages so they look better on mobile devices.
03/09/2016 - Changed footer message for clarity. There were no changes to our guidelines or privacy policy.
07/17/2016 - Added the ability for editors to read submission update notes.
07/17/2016 - Fixed a small glitch in the file download program that was causing some users to see a corrupted file after the last MS Word update.
07/17/2016 - Added security to notes mod.
07/17/2016 - Added padding to the editor control panel pages. (This is purely cosmetic.)
06/01/2017 - Fixed a database issue that caused the site to be unresponsive.
06/01/2017 - Moved to a new server with additional space to grow.

Planned Changes

Several users have asked to point the guidelines link to their own website page instead of entering guidelines here.
Glitch in editions function will be fixed. Editions can be created but don't stick.
A more modern appearance is in the works.