Green Submissions Change Log

01/20/15 - Patched an encoding problem that made some attachments unreadable on Iphones.
01/21/15 - Changed server permissions on attachments, making them null serverside.
02/02/15 - Fixed a problem with the bio function, which caused an error to be displayed when users entered odd punctuation.
02/12/15 - Patched a vulnerability, which allowed users to manipulate the URL in the browser.
02/12/15 - Added session strengthening.
02/12/15 - Forced SSL sessions for all users, which protects users against eavesdropping on public connections.
06/19/15 - Fixed error that prevented larger files from being uploaded as attachments, resulting in blank submissions from the publisher control panel.
06/19/15 - Added clarification text to control panel to assist visitors with submissions.
06/22/15 - Changed some confusing text in the submission area. Replaced "poetry" with "submissions" as many submissions are not poems.
06/22/15 - Changed the submission menu links to clickable buttons. Several users noted that the links were not obvious enough. They should be obvious now.
06/25/15 - Added IP checking for editors with geolocation to help prevent system abuse.
03/09/2016 - Due to many requests, we have removed the "Edit" tool.
03/09/2016 - Removed Ajax preview mode for submission form to prevent abuse.
03/09/2016 - Reset width of publisher pages so they look better on mobile devices.
03/09/2016 - Changed footer message for clarity. There were no changes to our guidelines or privacy policy.
07/17/2016 - Added the ability for editors to read submission update notes.
07/17/2016 - Fixed a small glitch in the file download program that was causing some users to see a corrupted file after the last MS Word update.
07/17/2016 - Added security to notes mod.
07/17/2016 - Added padding to the editor control panel pages. (This is purely cosmetic.)