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Dear Writers, Authors, Bloggers,

Welcome to our Weekly Challenge. For details about submissions, please refer to our guidelines. Our categories are:

1. Challenge One: CONVERSATIONS - A Story/ Poem Using Dialogues - Not exceeding 20 dialogues.
2. Challenge Two: TITLE - A Story/ Poem/ Write Up Based On A Title - Micro Writing between 250 to 500 words.
3. Challenge Three: RANDOM WORDS - A Story/ Poem/ Write Up Using Seven Words - Drabble Writing not exceeding 100 words.
4. Challenge Four:THEME -A Story/ Poem Built Around A Theme - Nano Writing not exceeding 55 words
5. Challenge Five: HEADLINE - A Caption/ Story Title For A Picture - Not exceeding 9 words.
6. Challenge Six: PICTURE - Upload a Photograph/ Art work for a given Headline/ Caption - One photograph/ art work only.

Happy Reading and Writings,
Reading Writing Team

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