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Welcome to SHIFT's submissions page

We are searching for original fiction and non-fiction for our next and future issues!

FICTION GUIDELINES: We're looking for stories that make us laugh, cry, scream and everything in between!

We want to represent diverse stories and writers, and so we are very much welcome submissions from writers from BAME backgrounds, writers who are disabled, and writers who identify as non cisgender or heterosexual.

**PLEASE NOTE*** Work must be between 500 and 3,000 words long, and MUST be suitable for a YA audience - this means that although we aren't putting a ban on things like sex and violence, they must be justified, and not included for shock value.

We had several submissions in our last open-subs that were downright inappropriate for children. Please, don't send us something you wouldn't send to a 14yo to read. This isn't a slight on the writing, just the content. If you aren't sure your work is appropriate, contact us first.

You must own the copyright to the work, and you will retain it on publication.

NON-FICTION GUIDELINES: Work must be no longer that 1,500 words long, and must be focussed on issues related to YA Fiction. This means you can write an article on hijabi characters, so long as it's Hijabi Characters in YA, for example.

Again, you will retain all copyright to the work.

REMUNERATION: SHIFT is run by a group of volunteers, and we make no money from it, so sadly we cannot afford to pay contributors at the moment. We are aiming to change this, soon.

QUESTIONS? Contact us on Twitter for the fastest response.

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