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Submit to the Scrimshaw


*Please submit your best work to our online submission manager at

*If your work has been published before, congratulations!—but we’re afraid we’ll need something new. Think of it as an opportunity to make success happen twice.

*Send your work as soon as you’d like, but please, please do so before March 1st. After that day, our brains will no longer be able to process new material, so we’d have to give your submission right back—and we’d hate for you to lose a chance to be published because of that.

*We don’t have any particular rules about what you can or can’t submit. We want poetry, art, music and film (see below), stories fictional or otherwise—anything you want to share with us and our readers.

*If you are submitting art or written work, please include it as an attachment.

*If you are submitting music or film, please do so by uploading your submission to Youtube as an unlisted video (that means only people who have the link can see it) and submitting the link as a plain-text submission. If you have any questions about this, please email

*When you submit, please include a brief description of yourself in the third person—two to four sentences is perfect—in the box entitled “Your Very Brief Biography.”

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