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You may submit up to 3 entries from each category (fiction, non-fiction and poetry). Therefore, one submission equals three entries MAXIMUM. Any, or all, could be selected for publication.


1. One submission (of 3 entries) per six month period. Please include a cover sheet for each entry, which should include: (1) full name (2) pen name, (3) public contact info, (4) a short biography.

2. Additionally, use the cover sheet to denote which genre your entries are for: i.e., if it is poetry, your cover sheet should denote "Poetry", etc.

3. Email your confirmation of receipt to, with the subject, "Writing Submission Complete".

Thanks for your submission!

***Terms and Conditions***

* You may submit previously published work as long as you have retained the rights for that work. If you are not sure, please do not submit that entry. It will be rejected.

* You will not be paid for your entry. Ours is simply a forum for unpublished writers to get their shot.

* Understand that we we not retain the rights to your work. Though you publish with us, you maintain all legal rights to your work.

* You may not publish the work of other writers; neither dead, nor alive.

* Copyright infringement, of any kind, will not be tolerated.

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