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Important: All submissions must contain author/artist name, genre (e.g.-memoir, poem, etc...), word count, email, phone number, and address at the top left corner. Please include a brief bio

Fiction (short stories and flash):
Short stories <8,000 words (prefer <6,000). Flash fiction <1,000. We seek literary and mainstream fiction. No genre fiction. Although we're not a sci-fi pub, a literary minded sci-fi story does have a chance, (so long as the "idea" prevails over blasters and warp drives).

Novel Excerpts:
One or two chapters, <8,000 words, that can stand alone on the merit if its prose. The contributor should include a few sentences to clarify the context of the excerpt within the larger framework of the novel.

Memoirs & Essays:
Please keep <6,000 words. We're looking for topics to interest our intelligent citizens along the Front Range. Refer to an upcoming theme or simply send us your best writing. The Almagre Review is interested in peoples' lives, and their philosophical/cultural/political opinions. Keep in mind this is not a journalism publication; it is a literary one.

Send us up to three poems, preferably linked by a theme. Although we love a good poem, the esoteric or excruciatingly solipsistic poem will struggle to make it in.

Contact us if you are interested in providing illustrations that would enhance author material. We have three main goals for art. First) images to go with pieces in the issue. Second) an "Around Town" section that illustrates local scenes. Third) what we like to call marginelia, which is margin doodles (they delight the mind).

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