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Voices on Friendship

Jack Walker Press seeks personal essays of up to 4000 words on the theme of friendship for a new anthology. Stories must be true. We seek dimensional characterizations of the people you write about. First-person essays preferred. Reprints considered if you own rights to the story. Essays should have a clear beginning, middle, and end with a story arc. Stories do not have to end with happily-ever-after. Literary and experimental essays welcome—coherence required. Make us laugh and cry. Make us cringe and applaud. Make us feel; make us think; don’t bore us. We reserve the right to edit/proofread.
We enjoy authors who will cross-promote with us.

We will pay $25 for essays of at least 1000 words and ask for one-time publishing rights. We know your work should garner more, and if our anthologies of personal essays sell well, we will pay more. If you reprint this essay, acknowledge in writing that the work was previously published in this Jack Walker Press (include, title of book, publisher, and year) anthology. Payments made after publication.
See our previous anthology ‘Corners: Voices on Change.’ Topics on Friendship may be along these lines:

Friends who stood by you
Friendships across races and religions
Long - distance friendship
Acts of friendship by a stranger or near stranger
Difficult friends
I was wrong
Long-term friendship
Best friends
When my family wasn’t there
Guy’s trips
Girl’s trips
Spouse as friend
Ex-spouse as friend
Brother as friend
Sister as friend
Reclaiming friendship
We were in a band
Sports and friends
Letters and emails
When a friend tells you the hard thing you need to hear
Mentors as friends
Friends who took a risk or made a sacrifice
Friends who make me laugh/think/see the world differently
Lost friends
People change
Important friendships that didn’t last
Unlikely friendships
I thought you were my friend
I still remember you
Important lessons
The end of friendship/growing apart

Please like and visit Facebook JWP page and for updates. Those who submit will also be added to our newsletter list to keep you informed of publishing progress. Publication of this anthology will take many months after essays are accepted, edited, and complied to allow for proofreading, advance reviews, and marketing. Please include contact information on all submissions.

Submissions will be accepted through Feb, 2019.

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