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Lit Select

Lit Select strives to provide an eclectic range of quality fiction. We look for new and established authors who want to inspire the creative and intelligent reader with something unique, a twist on the old tropes, a story we haven't seen before.

Currently we have two imprints:
Legendary Stories - Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction
Love Slave - Erotica

Legendary Stories is our newest imprint. These science-fiction and fantasy anthologies are assembled to immerse our readers in new realms while giving them the quality they've come to expect from Lit Select.

Love Slave, our original imprint is dedicated to providing high quality erotic fiction that is smart and sexy. Our anthologies have a balance between action and eroticism and a focus on storytelling. We prefer unique stories with a touch of class. Please visit our website or see our previous anthologies for examples.

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