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Fatherless, Not Powerless! accepts original non-fiction, fiction, poetry, music, video, and visual art from authors/poets/artists who are residents of the United States of America 18+ years of age. If any work has been published anywhere on the Internet, even on your own blog, please do not send it to us.

All material should be directly related to the awareness, healing, and/or empowerment of persons previously involved in fatherless scenarios.

We will publish writing prompts to help you know what we are hoping to receive.

While this publication stemmed from FatherlessDaughter.Info serving adult fatherless daughters, we at Fatherless, Not Powerless! aim to address the impact of fatherlessness on each immediate family member-- including the father, mother, son, and daughter-- as well as that of the subsequent relationship(s) partners to each. Keep in mind that every post in this publication is to facilitate awareness, recovery, and empowerment, but not at the expense of another party.

Please state if the article/essay is fiction or non-fiction.

Articles that shed a negative light on a category of people will be rejected. Example: Talk of "deadbeat fathers" or "baby mommas" will be rejected.

If you must speak ill of a particular individual, it is strongly recommended that you change the name of the person and exclude non-relevant details that would reveal the person's identity.

The publisher reserves the right to edit essay submissions for clarity, grammar, punctuation, or any legal issue without notifying the author.

Poetry will not be edited. Instead, we may recommend changes, which you may make and re-submit or not.

When you submit an articles/essays or videos, you may suggest a title and subtitle, but we will title the piece based on keywords. We will not change the title of your art, music, or poetry.

You maintain the copyrights to the piece you submit to us and at the same time grant Connection Victory (publishing company) and its assignees, including the magazine Fatherless, Not Powerless! and FatherlessDaughter.Info the right to repurpose and republish your submission in perpetuity without monetary compensation. We will always include your author/artist name and mini-bio with a link to your author page. Your submission grants us the exclusive right to your material for a period of 60 days from the first publication. After that, you may submit the piece elsewhere and/or publish it on your own blog/website, but you must give attribution to the original publication, such as "This post was originally published in Fatherless, Not Powerless! Magazine at[insert balance of url here]."

The terms of this contract shall be ruled by the laws of the State of Illinois, United States of America.


Your participation in the discussion regarding fatherlessness in the Western world is important. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to share your experience and lift others toward healing and subsequent empowerment. Thank you.


Lisa M. Blacker
Founder and Publisher
Connection Victory
P.O. Box 563
Pontiac, Illinois 61764-0563

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