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Sinister Wisdom -MWMF edition

This special issue of Sinister Wisdom is dedicated to honoring the forty-year phenomenon of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (MWMF). It celebrates MWMF as an embodiment of radical feminist separatist collaboration, transformational self-defined autonomous spaces, a commitment to sisterhood and matriarchal culture, and a musical city sprung from the earth for one week in the woods. The guest editors will curate a diversity of womyn's voices, values, traditions, and experiences of MWMF as it has changed and connected generations. We will explore what MWMF has meant to so many womyn, document its chronology, and commemorate the power of this unique community.

The guest editors are seeking submissions from writers and visual artists intimately connected with MWMF. Writers can submit poems, personal essays, short stories, oral histories, interviews, plays, and other original writing of no more than 5,000 words. Visual artists can send up to 5 paintings, drawings, photos, or other original artwork in black and white. Artists may submit one image in color for cover art consideration. All writing submissions should be in .docx, and for art, please use .jpg, .gif, or .tif (300dpi). We encourage vendors, performers, festivalgoers, facilitators, workers, and womyn from all races, ethnicities, sexualities, ages, abilities, religions, and gender identities to submit.

The guest editors welcome submissions that expand but are not limited to the following:

* Raising the Stages
* Preparing the City
* Body Acceptance
* Safety and Nudity
* Healing and Recovery
* Life Backstage
* Worker Community
* Womyn of Color
* DEAF Camping
* Pilgrimage and Welcome Home
* Orgasms, Sex, Romantic Love, and Exes
* Stories of Line Culture and Finally Getting In
* Growing up Gaia, Mothering the Younger Generations
* Chosen Families
* Gender Nonconforming Identities and Expressions
* Radical Spaces
* Workshops and Performances
* Finding Voice, Power, and Self
* Personal Agency in Workshifting
* Intersectional Communities
* Burlesque, Struts, and Walks and Parades
* Spirituality, Witchcraft, The Cult, and Woo
* Ecology and Nature
* Electricity, Plumbing, and Sound in the Woods
* Leather Community
* Babies and Crones
* Drugs, Fists, and Tears
* Lesbians, Lesbians, Lesbians
* Expanding Female
* Vending and Entrepreneurship
* Drum Circles, Hootenannies, Workshops with Artists
* Activism and Advocacy
* DIY Art and Culture
* Rehearsal Tent Hijinks
* RV Community
* Boys and Men

The guest editors want to preserve each submitter's voice; however, where applicable we will be adhering to Sinister Wisdom publishing guidelines, which follow the Chicago Manual of Style. If you are not familiar with these guidelines, please contact the editors and we will assist with any questions you may have.

The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2016; however, early submissions are encouraged and appreciated.

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