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Nobilis Erotica

Nobilis Erotica is the longest running and most prolific erotica podcast on the internet! It's hard to be that awesome (and sexy) without a bit of help. Even Nobilis can only produce so much wonderful smut.

Which is where you come in. Nobilis is looking for your best, most delectable and utterly sexy speculative fiction erotica stories. We're looking for robots that turn you on, dragons that might want to do things with the princess other than devour her, and what happens when the lights go out in every sense of the word (possibly with a tentacle or three). Take off the corsets and uniforms and have some fun. We welcome LGBTQ+ stories.

We're looking for stories that are both good speculative fiction and good erotica - are you up for the challenge? If not sure, listen to the podcast to find out what we like - free of charge.

Listen to the podcast on Libsyn ( or iTunes (

Notes from the slush pile (Updated regularly).

1. Please do not send us stories that consist solely of 'couple meets, couple has sex, the end' - although there is a market for "sex scenes with trappings" we want more than that. A good Nobilis Erotica story has the characters change (for better or for worse) as the result of the sex.
2. We've received a couple of "snuff" stories - stories in which a character dies during the act or as part of what makes those having the act want it. We do not accept these stories - there's definitely a place for them in horror, but this is primary an erotica market. (Vampire siring/turning is not included - but see point 3).
3. Vampire stories will have to be original to be accepted. Please give us a good twist on the old legend.
4. Most of what I'm seeing is fantasy or horror. I'd like to see a little more science fiction.
5. Kink does not make a story speculative fiction.

The boring stuff:

Length: 2k to 6k words.
Payment: $25 flat rate for audio rights only.
Reprints? We're most interested in stories that have already appeared in text (print or online) - please check your contract and make sure the audio rights are clear. Original stories are fine. Please do not send us stories that have already been podcasted.
Multiple submissions: Yes, up to three at a time, send your best.
Simultaneous submissions: Yes.
Format: Please submit the story in standard manuscript in .rtf or .odt format. (Word will easily save as .rtf). Include name and email address in the beginning of the file. Do not copy the story into the text field of the submissions manager.

Here are some simple instructions on using this site:
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5> Click "Submit"
6> Submit your story

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