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SUMMER ISSUE: Submissions OPEN through May 1 – June 1

YAWP accepts simultaneous submissions and previously published work. If a piece is published elsewhere after submission or has been previously published, then let us know and we’ll credit the original site of publication. If that publication doesn’t allow a piece to be published in more than one location or simultaneously submitted, then again let us know and we can drop the piece or try to find a workaround.

Poetry: up to six pieces at a time, no length limits

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: up to two pieces at a time (for each genre), 3000 words or less

Drama/Screenplay: up to two pieces at a time, 3000 words or less

We prefer pieces be in Times New Roman and 12 point font. This makes it easier to evaluate each submission. In addition, for each submission, the author's name and a title must be provided. If you prefer that we leave either of these components off the piece, let us know of that via email.


- Walt Whitman

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