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Welcome to Mercurial Stories Submissions!

Hello there! Thank you for writing for Mercurial Stories, the literary journal where we move quickly and without (much) hesitation. Make sure to check out our Submissions Guidelines and read our About Page to get a better feel for our endeavour:

We are host a podcast to accompany the publication of the weekly issues. If you do not want your story included, be sure to mention this beneath your bio (in the same field- a simple "no podcast" will do).

We will also be selecting stories for our quarterly print edition from all submissions to the weekly issues thus if you submit to the online journal there is the possibility (though not a guarantee) that it will be included.

We respect your right as a writer for simultaneous submissions and are happy for you if your work is accepted elsewhere. If you need to withdraw your story, please let us know as soon as possible. Due to the nature of this journal (writing to a specific prompt), we do not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere. You retain 100% copyright of your work, btw.

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