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The Journal of Mennonite Writing

The Journal of Mennonite Writing invites submissions for an issue dedicated to Writing in the Information Age. Guest edited by academic librarians and writers Erin Wahl and Hope Nisly, this issue will focus on a theme of interacting with information. Writing could address specific issues such as what that interaction looks like in creative writing, in research, in use of technology. How do we interface with information in an age where so much is so readily available? What forms do our interactions take? How is our understanding of information evolving and is that evolution a positive or negative thing? How is our interaction with information similar to or different from the way others interact with it, either individually or collectively? Submissions in all genres (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and essays on craft) are encouraged.

Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2019.

Please submit your cover letter, along with a bio that includes your connection to Mennonite faith, culture, heritage, or identity. We do not read submissions that come without an introduction.

Work should be submitted as a Word attachment.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted; however, confirmation of acceptance is regarded as a commitment to publication, and it is expected that the manuscript will not be later withdrawn for placement with another publication. Also, should a submission still pending be accepted elsewhere, the courtesy of immediate notification is expected.

All rights remain with the author.

Whenever possible, The Journal of Mennonite Writing will attempt to respond to all submissions within two months of receiving the work. If you haven't heard from us after 2 months, feel free to query us about your submission by email at

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