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Directions: The Literary Review of Pierce College

Awakening of oneself is not necessarily a single action. It is more often a process that is founded through hardship and experience, exploration and loss. Awakening can be gritty and painful and obvious. It can be small changes such as the realization of just wanting to better yourself or those around you. Or it can be the re-routing of the same familiar road you've always walked on. DIRECTIONS urges you to love that change. We urge you to share that change! We need these revelations to be portrayed through your work! So what are you waiting for?
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We are accepting fiction and non-fiction short stories, poems, artwork, photography, graphic designs, and plays.

FICTION/NON-FICTION: 5,000 words maximum per piece, per writer.Typed, double space, 12 point font. PLAYS: 12 page max. POETRY: 10 poems max. ARTWORK: 10 total max. Typed, double space, 12 point font. Multiple submissions must be uploaded in separate files, not in bulk. Please insert the title of each individual piece on the submission file. And please no author or artist names on the actual submission.

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