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Aberration Labyrinth

Submission Guidelines

*By submitting, you are consenting to be considered for both the current issue as well as the "in-between". Please review "The Mission" for an explanation of the "in-between". If you would not like to be considered for one of the above mentioned, it needs to be expressly stated in your submission.

All submissions go through our submission manager. To submit your work, please click here. Remember to review the detailed instructions before attempting a submission.

Note: You MUST create an account with Green Submissions (our submissions manager) in order to submit your work. Any work sent in an e-mail WILL BE rejected without review.

Please submit up to three poems. Submissions should be pasted into the form (NO ATTACHMENTS). Please do not submit three separate entries. If you do, we will only consider the first submission you send us. The others will automatically be denied. Individual submissions gum up our inbox, and this displeases us greatly. Submissions not adhering to these guidelines will be rejected without review.

You may also e-mail if you have questions or are struggling with our submission system.

Please submit only once per reading period. Aberration Labyrinth is a bi-monthly publication that publishes 10-20 poems per issue. If we reject your work this time, that does not mean we don't like it. It simply means it was not right for the upcoming issue. Don't be discouraged. Try again.

Poems can range in length from 2 words to 2 pages. Please do not write us an epic. We do not want to read it. Also, consider your line lengths, we're not set up for very long lines or prose poems at this time.

We DO want to read: Trash Poetry, Nerdy Poetry and Horror Poetry. Send only your best!

No simultaneous or previously published work. This is for FRESH poetry only. We claim first-time publication rights, but all rights revert back to the author upon publication. The publisher will keep the poetry active through the duration of the issue, after which it will be archived. Poems will only be taken down at the express request of the author and can only be removed after the issue has been taken down. We will not remove poems from our .pdf files. If you publish this work again, please mention that you were first published here.

*There is no monetary compensation for publication at this time. You will be notified if this changes. For now, potential web notoriety will have to suffice.

Thank you and Write On!

The Editors

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