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Selene Quarterly Magazine

Selene Quarterly Magazine publishes quality fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and art that dwells in the shadows. SQM desires stories and poetry that embrace the diversity of emotions we encounter daily. Works that are thrilling, reflective, and driven are admired here.


March 1-15 11:59PM EST (May Issue)

June 1-15 11:59PM EST (August Issue)

September 1-15 11:59PM EST (November Issue)

December 1-15 11:59PM EST (February Issue)

Anything submitted outside of these windows will be deleted unread. Artists and photographers can submit year round.


The honeymoon period never lasts for long. Romance literature requires the start of a new flame and new desires by breaking down the routines and everyday comforts of the protagonist. The mystery genre replicates suspense by interrupting normalcy with something a miss. Action-Adventure narratives often incorporate the adventurer’s life being turned upside down by an inexplicable event. Brides, Grooms, and Honeymoons wants stories that shatter relationships. How do marriages dissolve into some of the most bitter, hate-fueled conflicts? What lies underneath the end of peace within all types of bonds one promised never to break? Open to submit between September 1- September 15 11:59PM EST


We’d love to see the following but encourage you to not treat these as prompts:

• Star-crossed lovers and/or newlyweds not bound by “traditional” views of romance and marriage
• Investigators solving crimes of passion
• Love not attached to people but towards the State, the Earth, and so on
• How has literature, science, etc. shaped our understanding of love and devotion?

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