Welcome to Simple Paid Submissions V1.1

Streamline your submission process with our hassle-free, secure platform. It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Formerly GreenSubmissions, Simple Paid Submissions Saves Trees Too!

How do you handle submissions without the hassle of spammers and dishonest contributors? While free submissions are desirable, the prevalence of AI and bots abusing various systems necessitates a solution. The best approach to prevent abuse is by implementing a nominal fee that sincere writers scarcely notice.


  • PHP Version: PHP 7.4 or greater. Our script is designed to be compatible with the latest versions of PHP, offering you the best in performance and security.
  • Stripe Account: You will need an active Stripe account to process payments. Signing up is easy and free - visit Stripe's website to get started.
  • Server Compatibility: Most modern hosting services are already equipped with the necessary technology to run our script seamlessly. In rare cases, older hosting environments may require you to install Composer, a tool for managing PHP dependencies.

Designed for Everyone

Our platform is renowned for its simplicity. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just getting started, setting up and managing submissions is a breeze.

  • Just a one-time $64.95 $20 fee - No hidden costs, ever!
  • Retain full ownership of your data - Say goodbye to data loss fears.
  • Save big on long-term fees - Kiss expensive submission management services goodbye!

Your Data, Your Control

With our platform, your data remains firmly in your hands. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your information is always secure and accessible whenever you need it.

The Easiest Submission Process Ever

Submitting your work has never been this straightforward. Writers simply fill out the user-friendly form, attach their masterpiece, and make a small payment via the Stripe payment gateway. Payments can be made by credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Link and more. That's it! Once the payment is submitted, our system swings into action, automatically notifying the editor and securely storing the file in your own hosting account for added peace of mind. You're never at the mercy of anyone else.

Simple Integration, Seamless Experience

Worried about complex installations? Don't be! Our submission tool is built using PHP, the same technology your website already uses, making integration a breeze. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that our team is always here to assist you every step of the way.

Keep Those Coffee Cups Filled!

Editors, rejoice! With the nominal reading fee, you can keep those coffee cups filled while diving into the wonderful submissions from talented writers. It's a win-win for everyone! Although writers may not notice a small fee, these contributions add up and significantly support the continuation of your editorial endeavors, ensuring that the creativity keeps flowing and the quality remains top-notch.

Simple Paid Submissions was created by Glenn Lyvers, a publishing professional with a passion to help writers flourish.